Hola amigos!!

Thanks for taking the time and stopping on my wonderful blog, Plus Ultra CPA! CPA standards for Certified Public Account, which is one of the many goals I’m striving for. Enough chit chat, let’s talk about business. I’ve decided to make the jump and blog about one of my biggest interests: business. I’m currently going to school and studying all I can about business. I believe that every day, we are involved in some time of business transaction in almost every interaction we have with another person. Because of this belief, I think it’s important to understand the many aspects that go into business. In college, I’m pursuing a bachelors degree in accounting and minoring in business administration. I really enjoy numbers and what better way to understand business than through the numbers?

Through out my blog, I will be discussing many different variables that go into business. Things we wouldn’t think of. I want to get people into that business mindset. So I hope you join me on this awesome journey. Should be fun!


Talk soon,


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